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Miracle Elixir
Medicine Show

Medicine & Magic are the prescription to fill your
humdrum ordinary lives with laughter.

Professor Quacksalver's Miracle Elixir is good for
what ails you.  The panacea to all your problems,
Quacksalver's Medicine Show will tickle your funny
bone with seventeen secret herbs n' spices in each
and every bottle of Miracle Elixir. A formula with
ingredients so secret that even the Professor isn't
exactly sure what they might be.

Prepared to
Be Convinced
Quacksalver's Miracle Elixir
Medicine Show combines fast-talking,
rapid-fire rhymes and magic
"for medicinal purposes only"
which all adds up to a family-fun historical slice of
The Mad Hatter
the Schenectady Theater for Children's
2006 production of
Alice in Wonderland
Yeah, this page too, was tampered with
by the Gypsy Chicks